Spotlight on Meg Morton’s Highcliffe fabric photoshoot

November 14, 2019

Spotlight on Meg Morton’s Highcliffe fabric photoshoot

Having just launched Highcliffe - our latest fabric, Vicky and I were really keen to showcase this design in a fabulous setting. 

When thinking about locations for our photoshoot, Highcliffe Castle was the natural choice.

Highcliffe is named after the Castle where Vicky married her husband Richard: it’s such a romantic, breathtaking location.

When we approached the staff about our photoshoot idea, they were really interested to hear that we had named our latest design after Highcliffe Castle. They also liked the fact that we are local fabric designers, based in Dorset - just an hour’s drive away from the castle.

Vicky and I spent a long time studying photographs that were taken in the various rooms for her wedding in 2015. This meant we knew in advance exactly where we would be shooting. We took into consideration the lighting, background colours and so on, to tie in with Highcliffe’s nine colourways.

Having visited Highcliffe Castle many times, we were also able to look at those images, taken in the grounds on other occasions, to help formulate a plan, and decide which props and fresh flowers to bring.

The most challenging aspect was finding a window of suitable weather. In the end, because of the forecast, we decided to shoot over two days. 

The first day started at 10am, and Vicky and I worked flat out until 5.30pm. 

During the second day, the weather was far better for the outside shots than we had planned, particularly the photographs next to the sea.

We took hundreds of shots so that we could select the very best to represent our Highcliffe design in this magical setting.

Highcliffe Castle was very busy with visitors on both days, so we received lots of interest and many questions about what we were up to. 

The feedback on the fabric was very positive and everyone was really complimentary about the new Highcliffe design. Similarly, the staff were very interested in the photoshoot, the design and the Highcliffe-related names that we have chosen for each colourway.

The images have come out so well, and we especially like the exterior shots in front of the Great Hall and on the steps of the Wintergarden.

The beautifully-shaped and very old tree outside the Great Hall proved to be the perfect prop for us to drape the fabrics over: this was an unexpected high point of the photoshoot.

It meant a lot to both of us to be back at Highcliffe, where we, and all our closest friends and family, had celebrated, dined and danced, during Vicky and Rich’s wedding. It’s a very special place and this location was absolutely perfect for our new design.

The Rothesay Rose, Sea Glass and Bute Blue are proving to be extremely popular, but we are receiving orders for all the other colourways, too.

We have sent out many samples to customers all over the UK and to America and Australia. There’s also been a fabulous response from our stockists in the UK and the US.