Here at Meg Morton we take our responsibility to help protect our environment very seriously. 

All our fabrics are made from a natural linen/ cotton mix which is woven and digitally printed here in the UK.

Linen by nature is durable and environmentally friendly, starting life as a flax crop grown predominantly in Belgium, France and Europe. The crop requires little irrigation or fertiliser and absorbs a vast amount of Co2 during its growing season. 

Our woven fabrics are then digitally printed which is a much more sustainable printing method using far less power, water and ink than other methods. As everything is printed to order there is minimal wastage and any off cuts are used for client samples. We do not have to print and store hundreds of rolls of fabric.The printing process uses non toxic, water based inks.

Our wallpaper is also printed here in the UK onto high quality recycled FSc certified biodegradable paper using environmentally friendly inks.

We are committed to using eco friendly packaging where we can and will always aim to work in the most sustainable way possible and will continually review our practices.

Best Wishes

Maggie & Vicky