September 12, 2019


When it comes to designing interiors schemes, here at Meg Morton, we feel that getting the lighting right is absolutely crucial.

One of the most frequent customer queries we receive is how to go about choosing the right bespoke lampshade for the lampbase and also the setting.

 To share our expertise with you, we’ve compiled a guide to help make those tricky decisions much easier.

At Meg Morton, all our bespoke lampshades are carefully made to order, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect look for your home, in regard to style and size.

Our styles include drum, French drum, empire and even candle shades. These are all made at our Dorset studio, where we pride ourselves on attention to detail, quality and customer service. All lampshades will be made within 14 days of receiving your order.

And with dozens of our beautiful, printed linen fabrics to choose from, whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or a mixture of both, we stock a wide range of eye-catching Meg Morton designs to suit all tastes.

 Style guide:

To clarify about the different styles, here is a short explanation about each, plus a shot of a Meg Morton lampshade, as an example:

 Drum: the drum lampshade looks just like - well, a drum! These shades work beautifully in a more contemporary setting and are perfect as ceiling shades, particularly in our Dorset Stripe linens.

Fern Lampshade

 French drum: simple and elegant, the French drum lampshade has a slightly tapered shape, ideal for standard shades or table lamps in a more traditional home.

French Drum Hydrangea Lampshade

 Empire: the top diameter of the lampshade is about half of the diameter of the bottom. It’s a perfect shape for table lamps and extremely versatile, suiting a wide range of bases.

Empire Lampshade

 Candle: these are, pretty, clip-on lampshades and smaller versions of the empire lampshades - they are ideal for wall lamps, or even chandeliers.

Candle Shade

 Getting the measurements right:

Here are some guidelines for choosing the right size of lampshade for table lamps:

  1. It’s so important that the proportions are right. The height of the lampshade should be roughly about three-quarters the height of the lampbase.
  2. The width of the lampshade base should be fairly equal to the height of the lamp from the base to the fitting.
  3. To keep everything looking balanced, the lampshade should be at least half an inch (1.3cm) wider than the base on both sides.
  4. d) Always make sure the the shade is wider than the widest part of lamp.
  5. e) When it comes to thinner lampbases, the width of the shade base should be approx 75 per cent of the height of the lamp base, not including the fitting.

Floor lamps:

Floor lamps can take shades of a diameter of 45cm and more, but keep in mind the width of the lamp stand: very tall, thin floor lamps look better with slightly smaller shades.

Creating the ambience

Most people prefer lighting to be adaptable to suit the mood. When considering a scheme, look at the room as a whole and decide whether you want the lamps to sing out and become a feature, or even a focal point. If that’s the case, our advice is to choose bolder colours and designs for lampshades. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer lampshades to have a more understated role, go for subtle colours and designs.

 Banish all central, glaring lights and, instead, choose lamps and dimmable lighting.

 Bolder approach

A matching pair of Meg Morton linen lampshades in a striking colour is a fantastic way to create a touch of drama in any scheme.

 For instance, in a hallway the aesthetic of a symmetrical duo of lamps on a console table will definitely inject wow factor.

 Why not consider our Jhansi or Chalbury fabrics, or one of our beautiful Dorset Stripe linens for a more contemporary look?

 If your home is more traditional, however, check out our Hydrangea fabric or a beautiful design from our Brocante Floral range.

 Inject atmosphere

An important consideration is how much light you will actually need in a space; this will influence your choice of fabric as to whether you go for something darker or more translucent.

 If you require more light in a certain space, we recommend our paler fabrics, such as beautiful Amelie, French Daisy or our delightful Brocante Stripe, plus the lighter fabrics from the Dorset Stripe range.

 A more subdued feel can be achieved with one of our darker linen fabrics: our Summer Lane Cowparsley in Kimmeridge Grey, or Jhansi in Indian Blue would fit the bill.

 A lovely way of introducing a homely look into a space is by highlighting a cosy corner with a single lamp: the perfect place for a leisurely read.

 However, don’t forget that if reading is the purpose, you will still need enough light, so be careful about choosing the right bulb wattage. All of our lampshades have a maximum wattage label and are backed with fire retardant material.

 Fabric decisions

The choice of fabric for your shade should not just complement the decor of your room, but also the style of the lampbase. Lampshades can be echoed further by adding cushions and, at Meg Morton, we have a wonderful selection for you to choose from.

 Matching your lampshades to your Meg Morton curtain or blind fabric can also work well to create a seamless cohesive look.

 If you like a more mismatched feel, our fabrics are designed to co-ordinate with each other for versatility and flexibility.  

 For example, a ceiling shade in our Dorset Striped linen in Shutter Green on Mist would look stunning, teamed with a pair of table lamps in our Hydrangea Pastel Pink on Mist, as a suggestion for a serene bedroom scheme.

 We hope that the above will help make choosing your perfect lampshade easier. Hop over to our the Fabric section on our website now to browse our selection of fabrics and rest assured, if you would like further advice, Vicky and I are more than happy to discuss your needs. Just give us a call on 01258 473207, or drop a line at 

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