NEW Wisteria Moodboard - French Blue, Indian Blue & Smoke Blue

Another favourite scheme which features Wisteria in French blue as the hero curtain choice. We have teamed it here with aqua co ordinates and varying scales which compliment each other perfectly. Such a lovely scheme for a lounge, dining room or modern kitchen.

Fabric Samples Included:

  • Wisteria - French Blue
  • Star Cluster - Smoke Blue
  • Dorset Stripe - Aqua 
  • Mollie - Mid Blue
  • Dragonfly - Aqua On White
  • Leilani - Indian Blue
  • Annabelle - Aqua Rain
  • Pinstripe - Sky

Pom Pom trim- French Blue and Ivory

Each moodboard includes an inspirational guide with ideas of what to put where along with paint suggestions.


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