Cow Parsley Moodboard - Grey & Reds

This popular red and grey scheme featuring our Fontmell Pheasant works perfectly for an open plan kitchen/ dining area and sits well with neutral wood and stone tones too. Ideal for a country hallway or lounge. The contrast between the red and grey is beautiful and adds a contemporary edge.

Fabric Samples Included:

  • Cow Parsley - Kimmeridge Grey
  • Large Highcliffe - Stone On Andelys Red
  • Dorset Stripe - Flint On White
  • Jhansi - Red Maple On Stone
  • Wild Chervil - Flint
  • Studio Stripe - Flint
  • Wallpaper - Fontmell Pheasant - Flint on White.

Pom Pom Trim- Mouse Grey & Slate

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