Update your home with Meg Morton wallpaper: a step-by-step guide

November 26, 2019

Update your home with Meg Morton wallpaper: a step-by-step guide

Once considered old-fashioned, wallpaper is now back – with a vengeance.

 As well as designing and stocking an exciting range of Meg Morton wallpaper, this year, both Vicky and I have updated our own homes with our favorite designs – and we very happy with the results.

White Dragonfly On Millstone

Wallpaper is a fabulous way of updating any room and injecting character, colour and interest into your home, whether it’s one of the most prominent and regularly used spaces, such as the hallway or living room, or simply the smallest room in the house!

 Large Fontmell Pheasant Flint On White

In 2017 noticing the growing trend for wallpaper, we selected some of our most popular Meg Morton designs, including Hydrangea and Dragonfly and, having sourced a UK-based manufacturer, these were printed onto high-quality paper.

 Having launched our first wallpapers, due to customer demand, we added to the collection with Summer Lane Cow Parsley, Fontmell Pheasant, Country Horses, and our French-inspired Adelaine. 


Summer Lane Cow Parsley In Teal

Our designs are perfect for creating gorgeous eye-catching schemes and work incredibly well with our range of Meg Morton fabrics, bespoke lampshades, cushions and homewares.

  The wallpapers are available in a range of colourways, from rich teal to soft neutrals as well as pretty pinks, blues and greys, and all the inks used are water-based, light-fast and environmentally-friendly. Samples of our designs are available online.

                                                    Hydrangea In Pastel Pink                                 Adelaine In French Grey

When choosing wallpaper, one of the first steps is to decide whether you want to add impact with wallpaper on just one wall, or the entire room.


Once this decision is made, it’s vital to ensure that you are buying enough rolls, and that they are being ordered at the same time for consistency in the colour batch. 

As wallpapering can be rather daunting, unless you are feeling particularly confident about the task, or have experience in this field, we would thoroughly advise contacting a recommended decorator. 

 Before you place a wallpaper order, it’s worth double-checking the measurements to ensure that you definitely don’t make a mistake and find that you have run out. The following chart will give you a rough guide on how many rolls you will need. Roll usage will also depend on pattern repeats so please double check with your decorator before you order. 

  All our designs are available in 10m rolls and we suggest that you pay close attention to the individual pattern repeats and widths before placing your order.

High quality

Here at the Meg Morton studio in Dorset, we pride ourselves on the quality of our non-woven wallpaper, which is strong, easy to apply, easy to cut when wet, tears less and is easy to remove. 

 Our wallpapers are wipeable and the paper is sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Summer Lane Cow Parsley In Somerset Stone 

Preparation Recommendations

To help customers who are keen to hang Meg Morton wallpaper in their homes themselves, we have compiled a handy guide, with top tips to ensure this job goes as smoothly as possible – no pun intended!

All our wallpapers are ‘paste the wall’ in construction, so they are much stronger than normal wallpapers, and do not expand when the paste is applied. 

 This means that all you have to do is paste the wall and hang the paper.

 * Before you start, you will need to remove any old wallpaper.

 * If the walls have been plastered recently, it’s important that they are primed, ready for wallpapering.

 * It is essential to ensure the walls are clean, dry and even. 

* You will need to roughen any painted surfaces with sandpaper.

* For best results, cross line with good-quality lining paper, especially on old walls.

* When choosing adhesive, you should use good-quality solvent-free, fungicide-protected, ready-mixed adhesive.

* When hanging, use a plumb line to achieve a straight line.

* Paste enough wall for one drop at a time, plus a small overlap.

* Avoid getting paste on the front of the wallpaper if possible, and if you do, sponge this off straightaway.

* Butt up joins and smooth from the centre outwards. You should use a decorator’s brush to remove air bubbles.

  • Allow to dry thoroughly.

Next year, we will be expanding our range of wallpaper, so keep an eye out on our website for new designs. 

We’d love to see photographs of Meg Morton wallpaper in your home – do send your images through to us.


Adelaine Loire Blue

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