Behind the scenes at The Country Brocante's Harvest Fair: Q & A with Meg Morton's Maggie Baxter

September 25, 2019

Behind the scenes at The Country Brocante's Harvest Fair: Q & A with Meg Morton's Maggie Baxter

  1. Why did you decide to take Meg Morton to The Country Brocante’s Harvest Fair?

Vicky and I have visited many of the gorgeous Country Brocante fairs in Midhurst over the years. When we attended the Country Brocante’s Harvest Fair at Daylesford, in Gloucestershire, last year, we knew that the event would be the perfect fit for our Meg Morton fabrics, in particular our French brocante, and the more vintage-style fabrics. 

The Country Brocante team work tirelessly to create the most wonderful and carefully-planned vintage and decorative home and garden fairs, which attract many visitors who share our passion for injecting their homes with beautiful brocante and vintage touches.

2. Which products did you decide to take from your range and why?

We spent many hours planning our stand to showcase our Meg Morton fabrics, such as our vintage-style pastel hydrangeas.

We took our brocante florals and vintage-style fabrics, including Adelaine Floral, Brocante Stripe and Amelie in all five colourways, as well as lots of other co-ordinating fabrics. 

We deliberately chose pretty soft pinks, blues, and greys, plus a good dash of French raspberry.

There was a lot of interest in all of our fabric designs. French Daisy fabric in Limoges Pink proved to be extremely popular, as well as our Meadow Daisy and Cowparsley fabrics in various colourways.

To complete our Meg Morton stand, we took along a selection of matching products, including fabric-covered waste paper bins, tissue box covers, cushions, lampshades, French memoboards, our lovely tablemats and coasters, and even fabric-covered soaps and beautiful toiletry bags. 

Since I used to run a dried flower business, I made some lavender and rose pots, plus hydrangea garlands to complete the look

3. What was the venue/setting like?

The venue, in the dairy paddocks next to the Daylesford Organic Farm Shop, was simply stunning.

There were more than 100 beautiful stalls, selling the finest decorative antiques, along with vintage and handmade homewares, emerging brands and more.

4. How did the event go?

It was a runaway success. The weather couldn’t have been better with beautiful, autumnal sunshine. We were inundated with lovely compliments.

We loved every minute of the day and met lots of lovely customers, including many who follow us on Instagram.

5. Which products were most popular?

Our handmade lampshades and cushions were the most popular items, along with the fabric-covered notebooks, tissue boxes, lavender hearts and fabric-covered soaps. 

We had lots of interest in our fabric and wallpaper designs and received plenty of sample requests. 

6. What was the feedback like from Meg Morton customers?

Fantastic! So many people commented on our eye-catching fabrics and pretty stand. This was so rewarding after all our hard work.

7. Any highlights/particularly memorable moments?

There were many highlights, including meeting Instagram followers in the flesh. One lovely customer came all the way from Cambridgeshire especially to see us. 

It was fabulous to meet existing stockists and take on some new ones, too.

Vicky’s lovely bridesmaid, Prue, made the two-hour journey to come and help us.

My husband, Rob, was a total star. He unloaded and then packed two cars.

One lovely lady bought a matching pair of pretty pink Brocante Stripe shades and some lampbases. When she was paying, we discovered that she was also a Mrs Baxter, so a long chat followed as we are probably related!

It was also fantastic to meet Liz Morris from @lizmorrisdecorativeantiques and to catch up with  Jane and Roger from @cachepot_ltd

All in all, it was such a terrific day. A huge thank you to everyone who came along to support Meg Morton. We can’t wait to see you at the next event!